Children's Services

With an increasing demand for services for Children and Young People with disability aged between 7 and 18 years, Westhaven has created a range of services designed to meet each child’s individual disability support needs, cultural background, and personal preferences.

Westhaven’s Children’s Services team provides a safe and caring trained staff who deliver these services in an environment to support the individual disability needs of each child and young person.

Specialised Substitute Resident Care (SSRC)/ Short Term Accommodation

Westhaven provides short-term accommodation and  (Specialised Substitute Resident Care SSRC) in the form of respite for children and young people. SSRC/ STA assists with the care of children and young people with a disability outside the family home to ensure their support needs are continually met.

Individual and Group Community Access

Our programs give children and young people with disability the opportunity to be involved in the community and enjoy a range of meaningful, social, recreational and leisure activities.


Intensive Therapeutic Care for Children / Young People with a Significant Disability (ITCSD)

Westhaven is a registered provider of Intense Therapeutic Care for Children and Young People with a Significant Disability (ITC-SD).  ITC-SD is a specialist Intensive therapeutic Care Service that has strict eligibility criteria. Contact us for more details

This place is amazing. Excellent service they provide.

The team is consistent in communication and following up on our requests promptly and efficiently. They take their time to get to know the clients and their family so well.

Brian Byrne

The service provided by Westhaven is excellent, and the family is thrilled to see our son so happy.

Sheila Bryant