SLES Launchpad for school-leavers

SLES Launchpad for school-leavers

Farmer’s Bakehouse, Dubbo Regional Council, Taronga Western Plains Zoo and Dubbo City Toyota all share a common bond – they’ve opened their doors to “NDIS Plan” school leavers who want to explore their career options.

An NDIS plan is prepared under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which outlines an individual’s support needs as well as current and future goals. Everyone in the NDIS has their own unique plan.

“I’ve met a brilliant bunch of local organisations that are willing to have us for work experience. It’s a big thing, creating those relationships. Everyone’s been amazing, so supportive and they want to do the right thing.” NDIS School Leavers Employments Supports (SLES) Coordinator, Mel Vizintin said. SLES is an early intervention approach for NDIS Plan Year 12 school leavers, designed to support their transition from school to employment. 

“In the past, everyone was sort of ushered one way. Now there’s much more of an opportunity for them to find their own way. It’s exciting and they’re excited about it because they’ve never known, or even been asked before, ‘What do you want to do after school? “It’s about letting them guide their own path to where they want to explore. It’s not about knowing but trying,” She said.

Ms Vizintin is actively involved in helping students with an NDIS plan to become job ready.

“It’s about looking at what abilities they have, what their strengths are and what their interests are, and if they have a career goal. Some of them have no idea. They’ve just left school. They’ve had the social scene and now they’re thinking, ‘What now?’”

“I help them find their interests. We start with what they like and what they don’t like and go from there.”

Local business interested in offering work experience or employment opportunities can contact Ms Vizintin at Westhaven.

NDIS School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) Coordinator Mel Vizintin walks with school leavers Courtney Triplett and Jesse McCall to help put their best foot forward to future employment.

Photo Courtesy – Dubbo Photo News
Story – Yvette Aubusson- Foley

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