Social, Recreation and Community Participation

We offer a range of programs that give people with disability the opportunity to be involved in their community and enjoy a range of meaningful, social, recreational and leisure activities.

The services and programs focus on:

    • Skills development – shopping, cooking, budgeting
    • Adult education – photography and computer skills
    • Taking part in the community
    • Building friendships and networks with others
    • Assistance with achieving your goals and aspirations

Because our Social, Recreational and Community programs are constantly evolving, participants have choice and control when it comes to customising and creating programs to suit their individual needs and personal goals.

Westhaven Social, Recreational and Community Participation Programs are offered in a one on one setting, small group setting or at one of our Inspired Learning Facility locations (formerly Day Program). 

Some of the areas you can achieve in are:

    • Swimming and water aerobics for fitness
    • Tenpin bowling for great hand-eye coordination, fun with friends or social interaction in the community 
    • Computer skills for improving the way you communicate
    • Painting and craft activities to aid in self-expression and to improve fine motor skills
    • Supports with similar interests and skills in the area you would like to learn or develop
    • Community weekly walks

Fun Activities

Take up painting, horse riding, dancing, or any other interest that you would like to pursue. We can assist you to do it all by yourself, or you can have fun with friends. 

Sport and Recreation

Take part in weekly Zumba, aqua aerobics and swimming classes, annual sports days, and cricket. Being active not only assists you to stay fit and healthy but you can also make new friends with similar interests. You can have fun with friends. 

Life Skills

Would you like to learn how to cook, go shopping or learn the best way for you to get about town? We can support you to achieve these goals. We can assist you in learning how to use technology such as your phone or computer to make your life easier, or so you can stay in touch with friends and family.

The service provided by Westhaven is excellent, and the family is thrilled to see our son so happy.

Sheila Bryant

The team is consistent in communication and following up on our requests promptly and efficiently. They take their time to get to know the clients and their family so well.

Brian Byrne

This place is amazing. Excellent service they provide.